You know you want me...
My name's Julian Alexander Bass. I'm 21 years old. Fiancé to the as much amazing as me, Jesse St. James. (I Love You). Got a problem with me? See if I give a fuck.
(1x1 RP account)
Merry Christmas, Sweetheart // St. Bass

A couple of days before Christmas Day, Julian walked into his and Jesse’s house, carrying a christmas tree along; ‘carrying’ being the operative word, because he had used Wingardium Leviosa on the tree and it had floated on his shoulder, while he appeared to be actually carrying it on it throughout ¬†the town. He couldn’t be bothered with heavy lifting, although perhaps it would have been no big deal for him. He had left the house early that morning, sneaking out of bed, so he could pick the best tree amongst a whole series of stores in town that had them. In a back pack that hung on his back, he carried lights and some ornaments to start decorate the tree; now it was only a matter of Jesse liking the tree. He closed the door behind him and levitated the tree across the living room, then let it rest beside the fireplace. “Jesse? Babe, are you up?” He called out from the bottom of the stairs.

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    Jesse nodded quietly, “you’re right, of course. It doesn’t matter how long it took us, what matters is that we’re...